How to Combat Imposter Syndrome

High achievers beware… imposter syndrome is waiting to lurch an attack on you!!! 
Don’t fret, we’ve got some tips & tricks to help you get through this.

Imposter syndrome is loosely defined by the American Psychological Association, “impostor phenomenon occurs among high achievers who are unable to internalize and accept their success. They often attribute their accomplishments to luck rather than to ability, and fear that others will eventually unmask them as a fraud.”  

HELLLOOOOO!!!!  This speaks to us, especially when that nagging voice is telling us that maybe we aren’t good enough to be doing what we’re doing or smart enough to be up to this task.  Women and minorities tend to feel this syndrome markedly more than their peers.  Feelings of inadequacy can lead to isolation.  Even when just starting a new venture, people can often be paralyzed with fear.  The book, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, speaks directly to this as well!  “Fear is always triggered by creativity.”

Let’s combat that!!!  

Talk to your mentors:  These are the best people to talk with!  They will be honest and will share with you their past feelings of inadequacy & how they overcame them.  

Recognize your expertise:  Your creativity is special & important to the world!  Recognize that what you bring to the table matters to you, and therefore, likely holds importance to others as well.  Even if you only touch one other person with your creativity, isn’t that worth it?

Remember what you do well:  Even if you’re learning a new skill set, remember- there are an abundance of things that you do well!  Keep doing those, and challenge yourself to not give up!

Realize no one is perfect:  This goes without saying, right???  Easier said than done!

Change your thinking:  Often in the course of entrepreneurship, it’s imperative to pivot your path…if something you did doesn’t work, just reframe your thoughts on that!  Rather than thinking you’re worthless or that you FAILED, spin it into thinking at least you learned something that didn’t work.  And then move on!  You can do it!  You must!  The world needs your ideas!

Talk to someone who can help:  If you continue to feel worthless or that you’re not up to the challenge, there is NOTHING wrong with seeking out either another mentor or even a therapist.  Therapy is WONDERFUL for anyone!!  Sometimes therapists even incorporate art into their therapy- which might even spark something new & exciting for you!!

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