How to Create a Task List That Actually Works

We’ve shared with you our FAVORITE organizational items; two of the most important are Trello and our Erin Condren Planners.  Those are sort of the “buns” of the burger…now for the “meat.”  Hopefully by now you’ve created your free profile on Trello & perhaps have created a few boards.  Additionally, that pretty Erin Condren planner is surely going to arrive at your home soon! 

With those things in mind, here are some excellent tips to really keep your creative entrepreneurial brain organized and productive!

  1.  On paper (or better yet, in Trello!) determine the areas that you really need to prioritize.  This can range from writing blogs, creating visual content, paying bills, hosting masterminds, hosting or recording master classes, and the list goes on and on, we’re sure!  Now, create a column for each “to-do”.  Under each column, you can create cards for the pertinent information.  One REALLY important column to be sure to have on your list is a “BRAIN DUMP” column.  This column is a GREAT place to store ideas for future projects, future masterclasses/masterminds, etc. You don’t want to lose your precious ideas as those are your money makers!
  2. Now that you’ve got all of the do-to items organized by columns, it’s time to add some information!  You can add timers (which include date and time) so that you can sort of forget about it until the timer notifies you!  It’s a fantastic way to drop information and then forget about it until you need to address it.  This is handy for specific deadlines as well as for reminders as to dates that things need paid by.   Often times, by breaking down your to-do’s into bite sized chunks (or Trello cards) you now have a visual of what you need to get accomplished as well as the due date for each task.  
  3.  Pull out your planner!  In your planner, you can now map out your days.  Doctor appointments, hair or skin treatments, etc. will be written in there.  Each Sunday, you can sort of map out the week ahead of you, and you can decide which tasks from your Trello to-do list you’ll add to which days and time slots.  Not only does this help you become more productive, but it also allows you to see that you do in fact have time to work out, meet a friend for coffee, or even just binge on Netflix a bit!  Self-care is something we will discuss in another blog post, but it’s NECESSARY for entrepreneurs to plan some self-care time into their schedules!
  4.  Now you’ve got yourself set up for success!  Rather than just winging it and feeling the burden of constant stress, you will actually have a “lesson plan” or map of your time.  Deadlines are ready to go & organized and you can successfully accomplish deleting things off of your to-do list.  In no time, you’ll actually be meeting deadlines and feeling so much more carefree!

It’s always astonishing to us when entrepreneurs complain that they don’t have enough time to post on their social media, don’t have time to work out, etc. We are ALL busy, and being an entrepreneur is even more stressful because our brains are ALWAYS firing and creating!!

It’s absolutely ESSENTIAL as an entrepreneur that you sit down at least once a week to map out everything you’ve got to get done. By taking these steps ahead of time, you will see the flow much more easily PLUS you may actually open up some space in your brain for even more ideas!!!

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