What is Holding You Back?

Have you read Elizabeth Gilbert’s, “Big Magic”?  If not, do yourself a favor and RUN to Barnes & Noble to buy yourself a copy.  Once you read it, sit down & watch the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love.” Then let’s have a serious discussion about what is holding you back.  

So many people work in jobs that they just don’t love while daydreaming about entrepreneurial life.  Waiting to act on the idea that is nagging in their brains, tugging at their hearts.  Waiting for the perfect time to make the switch, waiting for a sign…

Well, we are here to push you to ACT on your dream.  Stop being held back and recognize that the world needs your ideas!  

The book, Big Magic, really dives into the various road blocks that creatives face.  Gilbert helps the reader muster the courage to pursue creative interests.  She does this by showing the reader how to deal with their fears.  Beyond that, she teaches the reader how to be creative (in spite of your fears).  What is holding you back?  FEAR.  It’s so easy to say things like, “get over your fears,” but Gilbert realizes that it’s just not that easy.  (If it were, we’d all be plowing through life with ease!!)  Gilbert shares that part of the secret sauce is reframing the way you think about fear.  Instead of letting it hold you back, instead, you should get comfortable with them.  Let your fears stick around (while maybe reminding you of things that are important to you) while you explore your ideas!  

You’ve been thinking about starting a blog?  You’ve been thinking about starting a podcast?  Both sound like great ideas- all for about 15 seconds.  Then fear kicks in.  And doubt.  And then that negative, nagging voice (fear) in the back of your mind tells you that you’ll run out of things to write about or talk about, you don’t know how to work the technology, etc.  FEAR IS HOLDING YOU BACK!!  Embrace the fear (it’s not going away, anyhow) and still jump in and try the things that you want to!  

The correlation between the book “Big Magic” and with the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love” can be seen on many levels.  First, the author/main character is struggling with LIFE…living her best life because she harbors fear of moving forward or really doing what motivates her.  Afraid of letting other people down and being afraid of what other people might think was paralyzing to her!  Once she REALLY searched her soul and decided to break free (even though the fear was still VERY MUCH alive inside of her), her life unfolded and she lived a more authentic life.  

This is scary stuff we are talking about here, for sure. Please know we are not in any way minimizing the very real effects of fear, rather, we hope to reach those entrepreneurs or CEO’s that are holding back for one reason or another. Read the book and then watch the movie with all of this in mind. We genuinely hope you’ll find some inspiration to embrace your fear and still move forward! Like we said earlier, the world NEEDS your creativity, the world NEEDS your ideas! Go get ‘em, tiger!!

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