How Love and Relationships Play A Major Role Within Business

How Love and Business Are Intertwined

You may think that these two concepts don’t really go together, but you would be wrong. Love and business definitely compliment each other on so many levels and are very often intertwined. As a female entrepreneur business owner, your business relates very personally to you. You are a subject matter expert in what you do and love. You have to love what you do, thus, love is a huge driver in your products, services and daily business decisions.

“Love” is not a word you often hear uttered very often in a business setting, it isn’t what you think of and it isn’t what you expect, but yet, it has a strong influence on your business outcomes. The more love you and your team reflect to the people you deal with daily from yourself and each other, the more engaged they will become and essentially the more successful your business and life will be.

Love is the key to business and the key to business is relationships – whether it’s with people we work with or the people we buy from and sell to. Love is definitely, 100% the basis of all healthy relationships in one way or another.

Love and relationships within your business

Introducing a product or service that your business has to offer to others is the most powerful networking tool that can also drive real results inside your business, because word of mouth makes such a huge impact in your company and building strong relationships means your word of mouth will be better! 

Maintaining those relationships you make within your business is key for a few reasons. Peer relationships within your business can not only help grow your revenue, but it can serve your audience and bring you more joy from gaining a feeling of community.

Each and every person in your company has different ways of working and different strengths when it comes to work ethic and skill. You need to try and complement each other on them and try to figure out a way to absorb those strengths into your business. A good relationship with your team members will only strengthen the company and building on the relationships to keep everyone motivated and happy is ideal to make sure everyone is working at their peak performance.

When love and business work as one:

This is the sweet spot! Much like the other pillars of a Happy CEO such as health, career and finances; love is an integral part of being the best version of you to then spread that into your business and become the Happy CEO of your own life. 

You don’t need a romantic relationship to check the love box within your life. 

Having healthy and fulfilling personal relationships with loved ones, be it family, friends, pets, etc, will only develop you into a better and happier version of yourself, which will in turn reflect onto your business. And when business is going well, those loved ones in your life only receive more love and a continued better version of yourself.

In conclusion, it is the small moments between family, friends, coworkers etc. a sympathetic ear, a smile, a kind note — day after day, month after month, and year after year, that will eventually help create and maintain a strong culture of compassionate love in your business. 

With love and care and respect, you will then see a great difference in employee satisfaction, productivity, and client satisfaction that comes with it as well as a life filled with positive people around you that will help you achieve your dream.

You need to learn to find love within your business and by joining the Happy Ceo Club we will take you through all 6 pillars of how to live your best life and become a HAPPY CEO!

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