Becoming The Happy CEO of Your Life (What You Can Do Today)

Happiness doesn’t always have to refer to simply smiling and looking joyful, however—Happiness and positivity is really more about your overall perspective of your life and your tendency to focus on all that is good in your life, especially as a female entrepreneur trying to thrive as the Happy CEO of your life.

There are so many illusions around the concept of happiness. The human brain is simply not wired to “just be happy” and have positive emotions twenty-four-seven. Our brains have evolved in a space of survival, protecting ourselves, and to keep us safe. Of Course we have our “highs” where we feel like we are on top of the world, but many of us get stuck at times with our negative emotions pulling us down. 

What does it mean to be a Happy CEO?

What is it about happiness that is so incredibly important, so impactful, so remarkably life-changing?

When you make the decision to give in to the negative, pessimistic, and unhappy view that the world has shown us, you are really putting yourself in a position where you are not fully in control and then have the potential of being stuck in unhappiness you are essentially missing out on a huge opportunity for growth and development.

Happiness and positive thinking has been shown to broaden and build our resources and skills. This is pretty important as a female entrepreneur right? 

Happy CEO is where we will inspire you to be the CEO of your life, and to take control. We inspire women to find their inner happiness, and to know where to go with their life and business.

What steps can you take to become a happy CEO?

One. Understand the bigger picture.

Seeing the bigger picture of life will help you become the master of your own life. Your behaviors, feelings, and thoughts will calibrate themselves with peace, clarity, truth, and understanding in order to define a happy and successful life. Success – the goal.

Life really is all about your individual perception. The way you see and analyze reality in a situation may be completely different to the way another person sees it and analyzes it. This is where taking a step back and really having a look at the way we react and interact in situations makes a difference, we could learn so much about ourselves. 

Self-awareness is where we ultimately find happiness and success, living our lives in the “bigger picture”.

Happiness comes from within and there are so many factors that contribute to the happiness of each individual. We have broken down Happy CEO into 6 vital pillars:

  1. Love/relationships
  2. Health/fitness
  3. Career/finances
  4. Self-care/mindfulness
  5. Business
  6. Self/personal development

See there are many factors that contribute to happiness and success.

What success story do you want to see for yourself and your business?

Two. Clear vision

An important part of being a Happy CEO is to wake up each morning driven with a purpose – pursuing a vision, your vision. In doing so, you will be able to get clear on what you need to reach and make progress on your success path.

One of the most important factors of happiness and success is your vision, as it is where all your dreams or mental picture of your best life will originate from. Vision is what defines the desired future state; what you would like to achieve over a long period of time, your life. 

Vision is the purpose of your “why” and your existence in itself.

Ask yourself what you need to get more focused on business, organized in life and clear about where to go from here.

Three. Make a plan. 

It doesn’t help if you have a goal, a vision and know what makes a truly happy CEO but you have no plan. Right?

You need to take action and make a plan to become theHappy CEO of your life. Map out your own success path on what clear actions you should be taking and when.

Happiness and a positive way of living is something that you can learn and develop over time, just like you are able to develop other skills that rely on your mind, skills like math, science and reading. 

It just takes practice. 

You have to practice being happy and make it easier for yourself with exercises and motivation.

You need to set small, achievable goals, commit to your goal by writing it down, and create implementation intentions or practices to stay on track with your goals.

What goals do you want to accomplish and what milestones do you want to achieve?

COMING SOON! The Happy CEO Club, A Community of female entrepreneurs

The Happy CEO Club membership is a place where others just like you are doing this work and have the same goal to thrive in life both personally and in business. With the 6 pillars in the membership walking you through every aspect of your life and giving you the resources and confidence to be the happy CEO in your own life. 

Let’s do business and life together and learn how to reach the best versions of ourselves.

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