Why Your Business Should Be Using Pinterest

Open up Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and you’ll see various businesses all over all of them!!  

Pinterest is another platform that shouldn’t be overlooked.  According to Forbes, Pinterest could be a contributing factor to increasing sales, assisting support staff or finding connection with brand advocates.

There might be new, potential consumers that will find you on Pinterest.  The way they will find you is by finding commonalities with pins you have posted!  So you’ve got something that they are interested in!!!  That’s AWESOME!  If you find or create engaging pins, you never know how that could catapult your business!

Lots of people think that Pinterest is mostly comprised of female viewers.  While currently the demographics show that 60% of Pinterest users are female, those numbers are shifting continually!  (Does that show who is the smarter sex because we think Pinterest is THE BOMB!!  Just kidding!)  An example of this is with the increase of popularity of home improvement shows, more men are finding their way to Pinterest for inspiration for their designs.  

Pinterest isn’t just for food lovers & wedding planners anymore!  🙂 Travel posts, lifestyle and clothing posts, even at home beer brewing posts are becoming increasingly more popular!  

You’ve heard a million times of people’s posts going viral?  Well, according to Strong Coffee Marketing, Pinterest is 80% more viral and 3x more effective at generating leads than Twitter.  

Here are some excellent reasons to bring your business to Pinterest (taken from a HubSpot article:)

  1. Pinterest converts more browsers into buyers.
  2. Pinterest drives traffic (and lots of it).
  3. Pins get you more inbound links.
  4. User engagement is ridiculously high.
  5. Pinterest integrates with your website, Facebook profile, and Twitter account.
  6. Helps you discover what your audience loves.

We hope we’ve convinced you to start pinning on Pinterest!  Once you’re on there, make sure to post your Pinterest link on your website.  We also suggest you start tracking your performance, because Pinterest is definitely going to help your business move the needle!  Check out our blog post about How to Give Your Home Office A Fresh Makeover, where we discuss the importance of using Pinterest in your design process!  

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