How To Make Friends In The Online Creative Space

A Female Entrepreneur’s Guide To Building Community

Do you feel like you’re all by yourself in the online creative world? Do you long to make friends, connect with like-minded people, and feel like you’re part of a larger creative community? If so, you’re not alone. Besides feeling isolated and disconnected, many creative female entrepreneurs feel that way too. The online creative space has grown so large and so fast that there’s a lot of noise, impersonal communication, and a lack of community. However, you don’t have to be alone and isolated to succeed as an online business owner. You just need to know how to make friends online and connect with the right people. Read on to learn how top tips on making friends in the online creative space as a female entrepreneur.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out And Ask

In order to make friends online and build your entrepreneurial community, you need to reach out to other people and initiate contact. The only difference between you and a lot of other business owners is that you’re doing it online. So, put away your inhibitions and reach out to like-minded people you’d like to meet. This doesn’t have to be a huge production either. You can simply send a quick email or a message via social media. You may be surprised by the results!

Be Your Authentic Self

When you make friends online and build your creative community, you need to be yourself. You don’t need to change yourself to fit other people’s expectations or be someone you’re not just to fit in with a group of people you don’t know that well. People respect authenticity, and people want to be around people who are real. This is so important for finding the right friends as well. When you’re able to truly show up as the real you, you find your tribe faster and gain the support you long for. This can even go to benefit your business as well!

Go To Specific Meet-Ups Or Events

Sometimes, it’s more effective to go to events and meet-ups that are specific to your interests and your business. You can find meet-ups and events online or through your local community. When you attend these events, you have a better chance of meeting like-minded individuals. If you don’t know where to find meet-ups or events in your area, you can join groups or communities that cater to your business niche. Keep in mind that there are a ton of virtual events as well for online creative business owners! Do some research or ask around for virtual events that compliment your business and your interests. You are bound to find community!

Connect With Others Through A Mastermind

A mastermind is a group of individuals coming together to work on a common goal and providing support along the way. Masterminds are a wonderful outlet for female business owners and have proven to truly grow and support members and their businesses. Explore local and virtual masterminds that could potentially be a great fit for you and your business and that would have like-minded members. Masterminds are often a great resource for community! You can also explore the Happy CEO mastermind right here to see if it is the right next step for you!

Collaborate With Others

Collaborations are another great way to make friends in the online creative space as a female business owner. Partner up with other entrepreneurs who share common goals. This could look like a project, an event or a social media collaboration. Partnerships like this are often a win-win situation because you are able to connect and befriend other business owners while also spreading awareness and promoting both of your businesses.


Now that you have a few tips and tricks for making friends online as a creative business owner, it’s time to put these tips into action. With a little effort and the right mindset, you can make friends, connect with like-minded people, and feel like you’re part of a larger creative community. There’s no need to feel disconnected or alone while running your business. In fact, there are several creative entrepreneurs just like you, searching for community as well. Community over competition is truly where progress starts to happen.

Explore the Happy CEO mastermind and see if it’s your next step for surrounding yourself with community and like-minded friends. You may surprise yourself by the growth inside your business when it’s being supported by others and being run by a happier and healthier you!

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