Top 5 Happy CEO Podcast episodes you should listen to!


Have you been checking out the Happy CEO podcast and feeling overwhelmed with where to start then this post is for you! There are quite a few episodes and that is enough to make a first-time listener feel fairly overwhelmed about dipping their toes into the Happy CEO podcast pool. Where do you start? How do you find the best episodes? We’re here to assist. We have looked at the statistics and we’ve come up with a list of 5 of our all-time popular episodes. This way you can start with what others like. Here are the 5 best Happy CEO podcast episodes of all time – so far.

Top 5 Happy CEO Podcast episodes you should listen to!

Number one

Finding Your Zone Of Genius

Studies show that we do our best work, when we work within our zone of genius. This is where we can be more creative, think and concentrate harder, be more productive, have more fun and be happier. So why wouldn’t we strive to identify our zone of genius and pursue to set up shop there? Your Zone of Genius is a place of flow, creativity, energy and fulfillment. Oftentimes when you work within your zone of genius, you lose your sense of time because you love it so much. Activities and work within your zone of genius give you energy, restore your mind and body and leave you feeling fulfilled. This episode will walk you through understanding what your zone of genius is, how to find it and what to do with it, after it’s found!

Number two

Why Personal Branding Matters

Let’s dive into one of my favorite topics; personal branding! Personal branding is no longer a fun option for us as business owners or creatives; it’s a necessity. Personal branding has been something that I’ve been drawn to since the beginning when it all started with a dental practice in downtown Chicago. Join me today as we discuss how personal branding can be one of your most important tools when it comes to being an entrepreneur! Looking for more? Join us at and on Instagram™ at @happyceoclub.

Number three

How To Get Quiet To Listen To Your Next Calling

We all pivot in business and have those moments where our gut sends us signs that it might be time for a change or for something new. But how often do you get quiet enough with yourself to truly listen? Tune into this episode where we dive into listening to your gut as a creative female entrepreneur.

Number four

How To Be Your Own Hype Woman

If you’re waiting for others to constantly hype you up, or waiting until that next coaching call to feel better and driven, then chances are you could be waiting for a while. Tune into today’s episode of Happy CEO podcast to discover how to be your own hype woman and all of the transformative results it can have for your business! Here are 3 easy ways to join me for more conversations just like this! 🥰

Number five

Why Testimonials Matter And How To Ask For Them

Testimonials and reviews are some of the biggest game changers for our businesses. But they aren’t always easy to ask for. Have you ever felt awkward or afraid to ask for feedback? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Here is why testimonials matter for your business and how to naturally ask for them! Let your testimonies sing your praise and secure more business! Ready? Let’s dive into it!

Hop into the Happy CEO podcast, give it a listen and subscribe if you enjoy it!

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