is an in-depth two-day live event in Charleston, SC for dynamic women who are obsessed with personal and professional growth

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Dr. Jessica Emery is an internationally recognized serial entrepreneur, strategist, coach, and speaker. 

Through her multiple businesses, her lifestyle and business podcasts, and several flourishing online communities, Dr. Emery helps female business owners clarify their core messaging, vision, and market positioning to develop the roadmap they need to succeed.

Over the course of the two days, Dr. Emery and her lineup of inspiring speakers will cover all of the most important topics in the female entrepreneurship space, from authenticity to purpose to destroying limiting beliefs... and so much more!

meet your host and speaker...

Dr. Jessica Emery

more deets

  •  Powerful new leadership skills

  • Strategies to push past fears and limitations

  • Tips to empower yourself from the inside out

  • How to be radically different in your business

  • Clarity to uncover your inspiration

  • A safe space for diverse women to connect

  • High-value personal branding strategies

  • Blueprints to help expand your creativity

  • Tools to develop your resilience mindset

  • A space to pause, reflect, and recharge

  • Some much-needed "me-time."

what you'll gain  in our time together...






meet your speaker lineup

Brooke Smith

Brooke is a mindful branding and web designer as well as a mindset coach

She believes everyone holds the power to create a life they love; a life that includes ALL your passions. Put simply, she believes you can thrive while also being unapologetically you.

Brooke will walk you through identifying your limiting beliefs and give you actionable tools to overcome them. She will lead you through several enlightening journaling exercises (part of Brooke's new Becoming Her Project) and she'll help you design an action plan to map future goals. She'll help you "Become Her" through the daily accountability of showing up.

dr. jeni waeltz

Dr. Jeni Waeltz is a veterinarian, CEO of a 7-figure mobile veterinary practice, and a certified life and leadership coach.

She loves to help women create their most vibrant lives. She specifically supports high achieving professional women (like you) who want to STOP trying to be it all and do it all so they can get clear on who they really are on the inside.

As a certified professional coach, she is ready to help you cut through the noise and the expectations of others. It's time to master your mind and step into the life you’ve always wanted to live and Dr. Jeni Waeltz will show you exactly how to get started on that path!

kelly  lanes

Kelly Lanes is the Owner, Founder and Chief Caffeination Officer of Caffeine with Kelly LLC.

Her mission and passion is to add more positivity to the world, one cup of coffee at a time. With 10+ years of marketing experience, she brings authenticity, customization, deep strategy work, and some much-needed caffeination to the marketing space.

During our event, Kelly will walk you through some steps to take your life from decaf to fully caffeinated. She'll give you some real world tricks to get everything you want out of life, learn how to take messy, inspired, action, and walk away with some mindset shifts to keep you feeling positive!

work - wellness - wonder

life's too short for all work and no play...

"A Wonderer (Wuhn-der-er) is an independent thinker; one who aspires for the highest quality of life by seeking out new opportunities and experiences. Someone who maintains a well-balanced lifestyle and never conforms to societal trends to simply fit in." - The Wonderer

The Boss Bombshells event will take place at the boho-inspired tropical oasis, The Wonderer, which is located in Charleston, SC. This space has been thoughtfully designed to help you achieve a meaningful balance between social connection, inspiration, and personal wellness.



Your business isn't going to revolutionize overnight...

You need to WORK at it, just like you work to develop any other skillset. Take small steps and celebrate small wins as you go, and don't allow yourself — or anyone else — to tell you that your dreams aren't within reach.

are you ready to expandthe universe of what's possible for your business and your life?



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